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Rent or Buy Violin?

As a teacher, I always recommend that beginning students rent a violin. Although most people like to think that their children or they themselves will continue to pursue music forever, the reality is not the case.  Especially if the student is young, under the age of 6, renting is the best way to go because children grow out of the small sizes fast (kind of like clothes).  Plus, violins are expensive to replace and accidents happen.  I personally have a few stories to share when it comes to accidents that have cost my parents hundreds of dollars each time...  When students become more serious, after about a year of consistent learning, then it may be worth it to think about owning one.  
Most common misconception when purchasing a violin...
Unlike cars, used violins do not mean depreciated or bad violins mainly because good violins hold their value.  In fact, the sound of the violin becomes better as it is continually played on.  The value of the violin has more to do with the make of the violin (who made it and what material was used), the quality of the sound, and how well the sound projects rather than if the violin is new or used.
When considering to own a violin, rather than spending around $600 on a student violin, it may be worth it to invest in a much better sounding violin starting from about $1,500 (the prices mentioned are true of full sized 4/4 violins).  Now, for those seriously considering in pursuing music and thinking of auditions for college, I would consider spending at least $3,000 for a performance violin.  At the same time, do not get too caught up in the price of the violin--listen to the instrument so that you can discover what kind of sound best fits your style.  Also, REMEMBER that the violin does not make your playing better--only the player can make a violin sound magnificent.
                  Violin Size Chart

 Arm Length (inches)          Approximate Age          Violin Size
  14"                                         3 - 5                                  1/16
  15"                                         4 - 5                                  1/10
  16.5"                                      4 - 6                                   1/8
  18.5"                                      5 - 7                                   1/4            
  20"                                         7 - 9                                   1/2
  21.5"                                      9 - 12                                 3/4
  22" & small hands               11 & up                            7/8 (optional)  
  23" & up                                12 & up                           4/4