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Eun-Jin Chae Info
Pimmit Hills Neighborhood
Fairfax County (Tysons Corner area, VA)




Violin teacher at Carman Violin Studio is located in
Falls Church (Pimmit Hills Neighborhood by Tysons Corner, VA in Fairfax County)


Fulltime students:
30 minute violin lesson:  $35
45 minute violin lesson:  $52.50
60 minute violin lesson:  $70
Supplemental Group Classes: $25/class  (twice a month)

Non-fulltime students:
30 minute violin lesson:  $40
45 minute violin lesson:  $60
60 minute violin lesson:  $80

*Lessons are provided on a weekly basis to ensure that students can retain all of the lesson material and continue to learn!  These rates are only applicable for fulltime students and when tuition is paid in full in the beginning of the semester.  These lesson rates do not include the registration fee collected every semester.  Monthly payments are optional with a processing fee of $15/month.

Beginning Level

Recommended Practice Time:  30 minutes – 60 minutes daily

  • Focus on using correct posture in both left and right hand, arm, and shoulder
  • Learn different finger patterns in the 1st position
  • Learning to read music (mainly in the treble clef)
  • Learning to read notations & dynamics
  • Learn basic music theory
  • Learn to practice correctly & effectively
  • Introduced to the 3rd position
  • Gain confidence in their ability to play the violin

Intermediate Level

Recommended Practice Time:  at least 1 hour daily

  • Learn to utilize different bow strokes
  • Learn to play in 2nd and 5th positions (in that order)
  • Introduced to the usage of vibrato and implement it into pieces
  • Implement principles of effective practice
  • Sight read materials
  • Exploring musicality and expressing emotions through music
  • Learn about performance etiquette

Advanced Level

Recommended Practice Time: at least 2 hours daily

  • Advanced students are dedicated to becoming a violinist preparing for recitals, auditions, and competitions.
  • Learn to play in all positions
  • Learn to implement advanced bow techniques
  • Learn concertos, Bach sonatas, partitas, etc.
  • Develop dexterous hands and fingers in order to handle difficult pieces
  • Develop performance etiquette and techniques
  • Develop musicality to be able to move the audience
*Every student learns and excels at a different pace.  Only the students' own practice and their implementation of what was taught during their lesson determines their progress.  I can teach, assist, and motivate you in your progress as your violin teacher, but I cannot make the progress happen for you.


You will be placed on the waiting list for violin lessons when the following forms are submitted:
You can submit these forms either via e-mail at obring them on your first lesson.